Youngest Female Billionaire in America ‘Lynsi Torres’

Latest Bloomberg report revealed that Lynsi Torres (President of In-N-Out-Burger) is the youngest female Billionaire of America. She has been entitled as youngest female billionaire in US.

The youngest billionaire Lynsi Torres has neither any college degree nor formal management training, while she is running an amazing hamburgers business in USA.

The American female billionaire worth 1.1 billions of assets, as she running In-N-Out burgers business, which has approximately 280 restaurants and branches in all five states of America.


In-N-Out restaurants have been surfing some delicious recipes to their customers, therefore it has a boost in the market, and the youngest woman billionaire in America is the owner of this business. The business was founded by the grandparents of Lynsi Torres.

Lynsi is running this fast food empire after the death of her grandparents, and she owns this business, which is rising up day by day in USA, as it has become a famous brand in food.

California based company has also got offers to open their restaurants in their municipalities, as customers have to remain line up for hours for getting the fast food of In-N-Out.


The Youngest Female Billionaire was undercover since before, but credit goes to Bloomberg, who has discovered the richest woman of United States, which is so young at this time. Elaine Marshall was the fourth richest woman of United States in the age of 70, but the age of Lynsi Torres is just 30, and she is the richest person of entire United States.

Lynsi Torres was revealed just because of her 15 percent stake in Koch Industries, otherwise In-N-Out company is not bound to reveal its financial assets. It is a private company, which is not liable to disclose her financial records and assets history.

Bloomberg founder and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a famous and prominent name in the history of richest persons, as he is a billionaire and has been nominated 22 times before. He is the 11th richest person of U.S. and 20th richest person in all over the world. But this news is really amazing that Lynsi Torres is the number 1 youngest female billionaire in U.S.

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