Worst Dress of Jia Ali at Lux Style Awards

The Actress Jia Ali has now appeared after a long time on Lux Style Awards in a worst dress, which is not suiting her and going towards the vulgarity.  Many times the common people try to wear a dress like celebrity. If these celebrities will wear such sluggish dresses, where will people look for style? The Jia Ali on 7th Lux Style Awards appeared with a worst dress, which is not so attractive. As the Lux Style Awards held every year containing the Film, Television, Fashion, & Music and aired on the TV networks and national satellite, It was a worst moment when she appeared with not such a good dress.

Jia-Ali-Worst-DressMany other Television celebrities and models appeared on Lux Style Awards with not so good styling dresses and Jia Ali was at the tops of the list.

Model Jia Ali Carrier In Dramas

As she has appeared in Pakistani Dramas as well, because the time is not good for Pakistani Films, she has earned fame in the Pakistani Television. But she couldn’t continue in TV Dramas, which is highly seen by the Pakistani Audience in this modern age, and quality dramas are being produced by the producers.

Jia Ali In Pakistani Films

When she came in the Lollywood Industry, she was so young, but unfortunately she couldn’t be appreciated well in the Pakistani Movies. So her carrier was depending on the TV Dramas, which she has left and her huge fan club is being reduced day by day.

Actress Jia Ali in Modeling Industry of Pakistan

This was the best platform for Jia Ali to work on and get more fame. When she entered in the showbiz industry, she took a start from the Modeling, and after that when she left this business, she couldn’t manage her repute in the market and go towards the different working grounds, and couldn’t go to the top of anyone.

After a long time Jia Ali has appeared on a Lux Style Awards and yet she is not wearing a good dress. The worst dress that she wear is not suiting her and she is looking as a vulgar actress of Lollywood.

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  1. This is a hot pictures of the Pakistani model, as she is giving the seductive and sexy look.

  2. Jia Ali is now busy in some other work instead of showbiz industry. Its not a good deal that she appeared at award show with a worst dress, which is not looking good on her body. She should use some other dress to attend the parties.

  3. Jia Ali is a big name in the Pakistani Fashion or showbiz industry.

  4. I like her bold looks. If you have some bold and hot pictures so please upload here in your blog.

  5. Jia Ali is not looking good in this dress, as she is showing the personal assets of her body to the audience. She has chosen the bold dresses but its not hot just a vulgar dress.

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