World’s Tallest Gate to be made in UAE – Another World Record

Abu Dhabi: According to the media report, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is going to build the world’s biggest gate in the capital city, while already having world’s tallest tower and highest residential buildings.

According to a report issued regarding the gate, the construction of 25 meter tall gate has been approved by the Guinness World Records. It will soon become a latest news on the magazines and printed encyclopedia or media. This biggest project will be launched on 2nd December 2012, which is UAE’s National Day.


It is a biggest project started by the Sheikh Khalifa, and it will have the flags of almost all the countries of the world, and the name of Sheikh Khalifa will be written on the printed encyclopedia in more than 250 languages or translations. It will also contain the biography of the president in many languages. The history of UAE will also be included on the tallest gate’s website.

Whereas the Operetta is concerned, it will be organized and carried out by the Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs. The Community members will also perform there.

Whereas the history of UAE is concerned, according to the Guinness Book of Word Record¬† it has 102 records, which includes world’s most expensively dressed Christmas tree and the world’s biggest kebab. The UAE has very much attracted the Guinness World Records by announcing the opening of their office in Gulf country next year. Lest see towards the completion of World’s Tallest Gate of UAE.

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  1. After the completion of construction work, i will love to see the gate in UAE.

  2. It will be the tallest gate of the UAE’s history, which may be included in wonders of the world.

  3. I want to see the gate after its completion.

  4. Yes it will be the 8th world wonder. The construction work should be expedited.

  5. This will be another wounder of the world, as it is a huge gate.

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