World’s Most Expensive Hand Woven Sari

New Delhi, India: A leading garments company Chennai Silks, which is based in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, has woven the most expensive sari of the world. The company has made the world record by presenting the sari that is most expensive in this world.

The sari has a worth of $75,000, and its weight is around 8 kg. It is embellished intricately with more than 12 gemstones, which are the most precious stones, like diamond,ruby, emerald, platinum, yellow sapphire, silver, cat’s eye, pearl, topaz and coral. A lot of precious metals are shining on the sari. The masterpiece that have been crafted has a portrait of Lady Musicians, and this works has been done on sari by the great Indian painter Raja Ravi Verma.


This is a great art work that the most expensive sari has a beautiful set of 11 paintings on it, which are beautifully woven on it, and feature every small detail of the women choir illustration, from the curly hairs of the women to the embroidery and jewels they are wearing.

According to the Chennai Skills, the world’s most expensive sari took nearly seven months in its completion, and it is designed by the 30 hand loom weavers.

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  2. Interesting and beautiful style of Sari. But it is the most expensive or you can say out of the reach of many people.

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  12. It is a beautiful Indian saree and is an art in itself.

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