World’s Biggest Pool in San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile

World’s biggest swimming pool has been built in San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile, which can be said as the deepest pool in the world. The length of pool is almost as long as 20 Olympic size swimming pools. You can say it as 1km long. Therefore it is an amazing pool, and people visit San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile to have a dive in the pool.

Not only the biggest but also the deepest pool in the world has been constructed for long time. The Guinness World Record have also got it in their book of world records after getting the dimensions of swimming pool. It is officially considered to be the biggest swimming pool.

The cost of the biggest swimming pool is almost 1 billion dollars, while it take 2 million dollars for yearly maintenance. Whereas the pool has all the facilities, one thing is just missing to facilitate the swimmers i.e. Freaking Water slide. Have a look on the pictures of biggest, largest, longest and deepest swimming pool in the world.








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