World’s Best Architectural Buildings or Designs of 2013

The World Architecture Day is celebrated every year worldwide on October 1st. The first celebration was proposed by the International Union of Architects (UIA). As the Engineering field is going towards success and making invention in day by day, everyone tries very hard to live in an environment that is structurally sound and strong. Before the commencement of construction work of building, the first think which should keep in mind is the structural design. The design should be best and unique. Keeping in mind this fact a lot of architects are working very hard day and night to produce the unique and glorious work. So the Architecture Day is dedicated to untiring efforts and skills of all the great people who have produced and presented the world’s well renowned landmarks and architectural designs.

On the World Architecture Day Were are presenting some pictures of the building, which have been constructed on a weird designs. Keeping in view the beautiful and unique designs, these buildings have been constructed by the architects, and these architects are real artist, who have presented their work in a unique way. Have a look on the photos which contains the unique building designs.

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  1. Its is nice to think about these gorgeous and beautiful building designs, but its very hard to make it reality. These buildings are the art of architects, who have given them the right shape.

  2. I like all the building designs, which are superb and awesome. These designs are hard to made.

  3. It was a just self made scandal of Ali Imran to get his name up to the media.

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