Word’s Heavy Weight Woman Earns with Fatty Figure

Christina Paez is the world’s heavy weight woman, who earns money with the help of fatty figure. She sells her amazing photos over the web and earns dollars for her fatty images in different poses. Christina lost her baby during labor, and she got into depression. She achieved the weight of 280 Kgs due to depression, and now she is earning money for pictures and snapshots.

World’s fattest woman Christina Paez take it difficult to come out of her bedroom due to getting over weight. She takes cake and scrips in her daily diet plan, as she is not worried for getting more weight. She also doesn’t take any weight loss treatment, as she is happy with the income she is getting for her fatty pictures and photographs. The Pictures of Christina Paez are roaming over the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and several other sites, where her fans always appreciate her for her positive actions and attitude, which she shows during her interviews.

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Christina Paez, the World’s heavy weight woman may have recorded her weight to the Guinness Book of World Records. If you are thinking that she is unhappy with her weight, then you are totally wrong, because she has made it her career for earning money. She is not a plus size model, but she is earning money more than a model by selling her pictures over the web. She take the latest snapshots of her surprised body and sell them over the web on several photo selling sites.

Hence World’s heavy weight woman, Christina Paez has made it a business, and she never want to lose her weight in future. You can also listen the several interviews of Christina Paez on different video sharing sites, in which she has told her fans that she is not going to lose weight, as it is the main source of her earning.

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