Woman deported to Mexico after winning Arizona casino jackpot

A Mexican woman Mirna Valenzuela along with her daughter Zamira Osorio visited the Arizona Casino Del Sol Resort and win $ 1200 jackpot, while both were on a trip to Tucson. But unfortunately they became unlucky as the incident led to Valenzuela’s deportation to Mexico.

According to the rules of Tucson, a winner of $ 1200 has to show the identification for the purpose of taxation. So Valenzuela went through the process and presented her ID card to show her identification, when casino officials suspected that the ID card was fraudulent. They called the Pascua Yaqui police to probe further in the matter.

The police reached the Arizona Casino Del Sol Resort and found the ID card genuine and valid, while the immigration of Valenzuela and her daughter was found illegal or undocumented from Mexico. Both mother and daughter were brought to U.S. Border Patrol and got arrested. After some time Valenzuela was deported to the Mexico, while her daughter Osorio was released by the agency under the DREAM act.


While talking to Casino CEO, Wendell Long, the matter was discussed with him. He added that this type of incident never took place since the opening of casino in 2001. We are not here to depart the people to their parent countries, but it was just due to the rules and regulations of the country.

Zamira Osorio while talking to the media suggested that the Casino Del Sol Resort should put up a notice that illegal immigrants are not allowed playing in the casino. The happy situation became sad due to some legal formalities. Valenzuela was doing well in the Casino Del Sol Resort, and her winning amount is still in the casino while she had won. The question is where she can claim for her winning amount at casino, while she has deported to Mexico being a Mexican residence.

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  1. I think the owner of the casino has granted the money, which she won in the casino jackpot.

  2. She won this money, so she is eligible to received it by the casino owner.

  3. She was just winning the jackpot, so if she is deported then she should be given the amount of jackpot she won.

  4. After winning the jackpot, she became unlucky as the police deported her.

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