Waqar Zaka Scandal Pictures

Pakistani Host, Waqar Zaka scandalous pictures are roaming over the social media, in which he is standing with a girl. Waqar Zaka’s Photos with girl have become a question for a reputable host of Pakistan. Waqar Zaka is still not giving any response on these leaked pictures, and people are waiting to hear from him.

Waqar Zaka’s leaked photos have been shared on social media, and it seems that he is very close to the girl, who is standing with him in these pictures. Waqar Zaka belongs to Karachi and he is a reputed host of Pakistani television. He hosts a Pakistani reality show i.e. Living On the Edge, and he has performed several dares in his life. He is also called the Daredevil due to his daring attitude. He also holds different world records, which has been recorded by the Guinness BOok of World Records. Recently he has met a challenge in which he has put 40 black scorpions in and on his mouth. Waqar Zaka’s picture with wild lioness was also a reason for his popularity. He has also placed his head in crocodile’s mouth and kissed twenty cobra snakes.

He has also worked at Alleva, from which he earned popularity and fame. But if these scandalous pictures of waqar zaka are fake, then the people who are making the rumors should stop to disgrace someone. Whereas the comments of people are concerned, some people are saying her Waqar Zaka Fiance or Waqar Zaka Girlfriend, while others are saying these scandal photos of Waqar Zaka are fakes.





Few months ago, a Waqar Zaka Video was also roaming over the web, in which Waqar insulted girls on Living on the Edge. But it was not against his personal life. Hence i would like to check for the authenticity of these pictures whether they are real or fake. You should also have a look on the Waqar Zaka’s immoral pictures with girls, and write your comments upon their authenticity.


When i thoroughly searched about these pictures of Waqar Zaka with his Girlfriend, i went through a post on a site. Actually someone hacked the Waqar Zaka’s Personal Computer or Mobile Phone and uploaded his secret photos over the web. But i would like to say that it is not a good behavior of people who are misusing his personal pictures. He has clarified that the girl in these pictures the future wife of Waqar Zaka. So people shouldn’t pass the vulgar comments or immoral comments on these pictures, as the wrong and negative attitude of people can hurt someone. 

Some People are also saying him Illuminati without any proof, it is also a negative attitude of people, as we can’t say someone non-Muslim without proof or confirming about the reality. So people should avoid raising scandals or rumors against someone. A lot of people are going against Waqar Zaka, but in reality he has presented Pakistan in a very good way, and he is among the few people of Pakistan, whose name has been written in the Guinness Book of World Records.


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  1. Waqar is a horrible person n i dont like him

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