Vulgar Advertisement of Mila Kunis has been banned

A vulgar advertisement featuring Mila Kunis has been banned in Britain due to her saucy posed hot picture in underwear. The hot ad got banned just because of having vulgar material in it.

The Rodial company has issued its product featuring the Black Swan star in a hot pose in underwear. The Mila Kunis’s hot pictures have been taken from the Esquire Magazine photo shoot for the anti-cellulite cream, which is being sold by Rodial (a beauty company). The product ‘a body to die for’ has become famous among the people especially women, and the company is earning more revenue from the cream, which reduce the body weight and thighs.


The banned advertisement of Mila Kunis or anti-cellulite cream is roaming on the social media, where the company is sending emails containing ads to the women, who are interested in purchasing of anti-cellulite cream. They have offered the best formula saying ‘Get Mila Kunis’ Esquire Look with this Intensive Formula. They are adding the name of Mila Kunis in this vulgar banned advertisement for getting the more sales. They claims that the cream is beneficial, which reduces the appearance of cellulite fast and make your bum, tummy and thighs more beautiful and attractive.

The Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received some complaints from the people, and they have started probe into the Mila Kunis vulgar advertisement by Rodial beauty company. They have contacted Rodial Chiefs in this regard, and they can’t backup their boasts about the anti-cellulite cream, which is being sold over the web with Mila Kunis pictures in underwear taken from the Esquire Magazine.


ASA has also issued its statement regarding Mila Kunis in Rodial Advertisement that due to non availability of solid evidence against the vulgar ad by Mila Kunis and Rodial Beauty Company, the ASA has personally probed into matter and it seems that the ad is misleading. So they have imposed a ban on Mila Kunis picture on Anti-Cellulite cream made by Rodial Beauty Company. It seems that picture of the celebrity has been posted on hot advertisement without her consent.

Rodial Company is now banned for selling the anti-cellulite cream or product, at which the Mila Kunis photo is published in underwear. The advertisement featuring Mila Kunis has been banned due to vulgarity by Advertising Standards Authority of Britain.

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