Vietnamese Girls For Sale in France – Amazing Franch Newspaper Ad

vietnamese-girls-for-sale-in-france-2The France a well known figure in the world, is selling their girls for just 6000 $. Can you assume that, just have a look on the piece of this news paper.


This is an exclusive piece of famous newspaper “LAMOND”, in which Vietnamese girls are being sold in an advertisement for just $6000. Anyone can buy a lady with full rights on her with a life time guaranty. If girl elope, you will get a new one free of cost. France looks to be a developed country, which arrest the girls with veil, and strictly prohibited it in its country. Can anyone ask him is the sale of girls for 6000USD part of its development?

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  1. The Vietnam girls are so beautiful and hot, i have seen several pictures of bold and hot girls over the web, therefore the girls selling may be popular in Vietnam. It is also heard that one can easily purchase the Vietnam girl by choosing the girls of his choice from the girls selling market.

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