Veena Malik’s Astaghfar Show Finally Continued

As the Pakistani Audience had disliked to see Veena Malik in Astaghfar Show, the team of Hero TV had been decided to drop Veena Malik from the Astaghfar Show. But due to some reason the Hero TV broadcasted the Astaghfar Show on 5th of August 2012.When the Veena Malik was announced to hot the Astaghfar show, the public criticized her and disliked her due the the recent Veena Malik Scandals and bold scenes in the Bigg Boss.


But the admin of Hero TV has paid a huge amount to Veena Malik to Host the Show Ataghfar, so he decided to keep Veena Malik in the show. She is also back in the show on the public demand, because now the psyche of People has been changed and they are appreciating Veena Malik. Veena Malik also got a marriage proposal during a live call in the show.


Have a look on the Hero TV Veena Malik’s Show Episode:


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