Veena Malik to make world record of 100 kisses on Birthday

The Bollywood’s controversial girl Veena Malik is going to make a world record of most kisses in shortest time on her birthday. She will be kissed more than 100 times in 1 minute on her Birthday party. The Guinness Book of world record team will record the record breaking kisses of Veena Malik.

Hot and sexy Pakistani actress Veena Malik is going to shower her love on everyone, as she will do more than 100 kisses in one minute time period on her birthday party. She will be showered by everyone by kisses on birthday.

The reality show will be performed on her birthday, where Veena Malik will be kissed by the maximum numbers of people. Hot and seductive Veena Malik is going to break the previous world record of 100 kisses in one minute. After the Kissing scandals, Veena is going to have the world record officially with Guinness Book of World Records.


Veena Malik is also going to have most kisses in a movie i.e. The City That Never Sleeps. The world record of maximum kisses in a movie will be made soon by the hot Veena. She has made several kissing scandal previously, which are appended below.

Veena Malik Kissing Shakti Kapoor

Veena Malik Kissing Boby Darling

Veena Malik is really excited for her birthday bash party, where she will make a world record of maximum kisses in shortest time. More than 100 kisses will be given to Veena by the participants on her birthday. Veena told that this will be a huge birthday gift for her from Guinness World Records that they will write her name in their book.

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