Veena Malik Hot Wet Photos from Dirty Picture Movie

Bollywood actress’ Veena Malik is looking hot in wet dress in these pictures from movie, Dirty Picture. The latest kissing scenes done in this movie are also awesome that Veena has crossed all the limits by working in some bold and hot scenes of the movie, which looks to be a b-grade movie of Bollywood.

The Pakistani hot girl, Veena Malik has done some seductive and controversial kissing scenes in Dirty Picture movie in Kannada with co-actor. She has also done a hot photo shoot on swimming pool in wet cloths. She is a crazy girl and can do anything for getting fame by some cheapest way. The people always looks to apologize her, but she never turned her way from the vulgarity and boldness.

The passionate and seductive kissing scenes of Veena Malik are giving her fame, but the fame is temporary, as she is not going to be a super star of Bollywood film industry. The actress is just working in some b-grade movie, and the scenes which she is doing are seductive and hot just like an item girl or item number. She has just done a topless photo shoot for a movie ‘Mumbai 125KM 3D Movie’.

Veena Malik in these hot and bold photos is just looking crazy, as she is running in some b-grade movies of India, which are not so popular and makes controversies and scandals of the actresses. Dirty Picture has been released again in B-grade action after the success story of Vidya Balan (Ooo Lala Girl). Veena is also working hard to get such a fame like Silk Samitha (Vidya Balan).

Veena Malik being Silk Sakkath Maga in the movie Dirty Picture is looking so hot and the bold scenes of the movie have earned fame. The Veena’s fans are also happy to see her again in some bold and hot cloths. She is dancing in wet cloths and kissing with co-actor in the Dirty Picture movie.

Veena Malik is wearing some short cloths just like bikini, which seems to be the favorite dresses of the controversial queen of Bollywood. Have a look on the Veena Malik hot and wet pictures from the movie Dirty Picture and pass your comments as hot or cheap.

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