Veena Malik Caught Reading Hindu’s Book Bhagavad Gita (Pictures)

Famous Pakistani and Bollywood actress Veena Malik is going far from her religion as she is reading Bhagavad Gita (a book of Hindu religion) these days. In other meanings Bollywood’s controversial queen has started her new year with the name “OM”.

Veena Malik was previously hosted an Islamic Program on Hero TV, where people gave her a chance to work for her religion and she was initially dropped from the show and after getting permission from the audience she was again back in the program. In that program, she was asking for forgiveness for her sins, which she has not stopped yet. She is working with Satish Reddy and Haroon Rashid in a movie i.e. The City That Never Sleeps. Recently Veena Malik was seen reading Bhagavad Gita on a set of her upcoming movie.

Some people are saying that she is reading Bhagavad Gita to seek the real path of justice. She is mourned upon the death of an innocent girl in the Delhi gang rape, which case is being highlighted by the social media and people, who are also demanding for justice.

It seems that Veena Malik is just flattering the Indians to get some fame and work in neighbor country. While giving comments on this scandal, she told the media that reading the Bhagavad Gita makes her feel relax and subtle. She also added that it shows the spiritual path, which is always difficult for every human being but fixes the goal in the life. She has no boundaries to have a belief and faith on some others religions. She also revealed that she daily offers prayers and read the Islamic Book i.e. Quraan, but after going through the Bhagavad Gita, she did not felt any difference in it. According to Veena Malik all the religions are same and always show the right path.

Veena Malik always introduces herself as a brave girl, and while talking on Bhagavad Gita reading scandal she revealed that it is written in Sanskrit, which is difficult to read, but this difficulty cannot stop for reading it. She also added that religion of every nation is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems and traditions. All these things relates to the spirituality and humanity. Veena Malik also said that all these things brings ethics, morality, religious laws and preferred lifestyle by presenting ideas about the cosmos and human nature. People spotted Veena Malik reading Bhagavad Gita, but she is going through arguments and trying to clarify her position.

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  1. Previously she was promoting the gay marriage or marriages with the same sex or gender. She is going far from Pakistan and religion, government should impose a ban on her entrance in Pakistan.

  2. Her entry in Pakistan must be banned, as she is promoting Hinduism by reading their religious book.

  3. Veena is a bloody bold actress of Bollywood, and unfortunately she belongs to Pakistan.

  4. Veena should stop now. Its enough

  5. It is really hard to stop Veena Malik to make scandals like this. Once she has appeared in an Islamic show at Hero TV, in which she was finding the forgiveness for her sins, so she should avoid by making like these religious scandals.

  6. Reading an Hindu Book can’t give her relaxation, but she is saying just to getting fame in Hindu community.

  7. Veena Malik was one of my favorite artist, but after seeing her reading Bhagavad Gita, i hate her.

  8. She is satisfying the Hindu fans of Veena Malik by reading. She has also gone through a full photo shoot while reading the Hindu’s book, it means she is showing her love for the Hinduism.

  9. Bhagavad Geeta reading can’t satisfy her, she is doing this to get love from the Hindu people.

  10. Veena Malik has released a lot of hot images, pictures, photographs, snaps and photo shoot. One of the famous one was of ISI tattoo scandal.

  11. She is finding it hard to get fame through the real way, therefore she is making scandals again and again to be in the news headlines for all the times.

  12. In Pakistani and Indian film industry she has become an eye popping celebrity of the world.

  13. Cheap ways of getting success.

  14. Veena Malik hot scandals are also famous. She always done weird acts to get fame. She uses shortcuts to the success.

  15. Veena Malik scandals are famous in the world, so she is involving in another i.e. reading a Hindu’s book.

  16. She is reading Bhagavad Gita, there may be another scandal of Veena Malik behind the scene.

  17. It is just a bad trick to earn fame.

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