Veena Malik Again in Love with Hemant Madhukar – A New Scandal of Veena

The lollywood actress Veena Malik is again in headlines of newspapers for a new reason. This time she is looking very busy to maintain a new affair with Hemant Madhukar, who is a film director.

she is very much enjoying with him on beach, pool, shopping malls, and many other places. is presenting, the exclusive pictures of Veena Malik with hemant madhukar. This affair also become a scandal today, because veena malik always remains ready to become a part of news.

In these pictures you will that she is enjoying on the swimming pool and wearing a bikini, and the director is sitting aside her. In another picture you will see that veena malik is drinking beer with the same director. If you go through all the exclusive pictures of veena malik, you will see that the hemant is also suggesting a bra to her.

Veena malik is looking very close to him. As she has made many affairs with other actors as well as cricketers, this is not a new thing for veena to have a boyfriend. But on the other hand Hemant’s wife is very doubtful about her husband, as she is seeing her husband with veena malik in news channels and papers.

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