Varsha Bhosle daughter of Asha Bhosle commits suicide

MUMBAI: The Daughter of Veteran Bollywood Singer Asha Bhosle, Versha Bhosle committed suicide at her residence i.e. Peddar Road on Monday.

According to the media report, Versha Bhosle was 51 years old and living with her husband. She was a victim of depression. When she was divorced from her husband who is a freelance sports writer Hemant Kenkre, and this incident make a lot of depression in her life. At the end she shot herself in her head and committed suicide. The whole Bollywood and Indian film industry is mourned on her death.


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  1. what is the original matter behind her suicide?

  2. Its totally wrong to kill yourself.

  3. The Bollywood industry is mourned upon her death.

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