Vanessa Hudgens Hot Photos at Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Magazine

Vanessa Hudgens has done this photo shoot for a Dubai based magazine, which is famous due to cast the famous and debut star for her magazine cover page. Vanessa also talked about her upcoming movies including Spring Breakers (releasing in March 2013) and Gimme Shelter.

While talking to the media, she told that she has never gone for a sprint break. She has never gone to college or had friends to go away anywhere with them. She is only close with the Selena Gomez, Rachel Korine and Ashley Benson. She has worked with them and takes the time spent with them as spring break.

Whereas the story of Spring Breakers is concerned, Vanessa Hudgens rob a restaurant with her friends just to fund their trip to Florida. She wants to go there for spring break, but find herself involved with a drug dealer. Harmony Korine is the director and writer of the Spring Breakers.

Vanessa Hudgens also added that her father was so pleased to see the name Harmoney Korine on her audition list. She told that her parents are so broad minded that they have permitted her to do everything keeping herself in limits.

Vanessa is also working on Gimme Shelter and it’s a 1970 Rolling Stones documentary, which is based on a true story. Whereas the story is concerned, Vanessa cut her hairs off to appear as pregnant girl, who is homeless and seeking for her well-to-do father.

While talking about the Gimme Shelter she revealed that she had to chop off all her hairs and live in a shelter of pregnant woman about two weeks before the starting of film. She was shocked to see herself in the state, which she had never experienced before. She called her mom on the first night, while she was also looking like a mom. She told that after some time it was just like a fun, but initially it was just feeling like a shock for her.

Here are some exclusive pictures of Vanessa Hudgens at Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Magazine. The people are admiring these images and photos and giving comments in a very positive manner and also waiting for Vanessa’s  upcoming movie to see the stunning star in the films.

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