Use of Prepaid Sims in Pakistan will be Banned Soon

According to the Media forecast, the prepaid mobile sims will be blocked soon in Pakistan. The news is coming up at the media that the government will imposed ban on the use of prepaid mobile sims in Pakistan, as these sims are creating controversies in the country and are not good for a healthy environment. According to the media, most users of mobiles phones get their sims registered with someone’s unknown person name, and use it without any hesitation for illegal purposes.

The Pakistani government is now taking strict action again the culprits, who use the sims for illegal purpose and registered it with other person’s name. As our new generation is also not sleeping due to love talking over the phone whole night, and the girls elopement ratio is increasing day by day due to the heavy use of mobile phone over the days and nights, and the terrorists are very much smart due to this facility. The government will issue one sim only for one person and one will not be able to has more than one sim in his mobile. Everywhere will be the use of postpaid sims in the Pakistan. This practice will also reduce the terrorism as well as elopement issues in the country. The government should also introduce the latest service like subscriber identity module in the country.

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