USD 10,000 stolen from Meera’s Purse

According to a local news, someone has stolen $ 10,000 from the purse of Pakistani film actress Meera. She also claimed on Tuesday that $ 10,000 have been stolen from her purse during a fashion show or ceremony on Monday.


According to Pakistani actress, she was busy in a fashion show, when the money was stolen from her handbag. She added that she is will reveal the situation of the theft on the time of lodging an FIR about the theft. Whereas the dollars currency is concerned that what it was doing in Meera‘s bag, so she had exchanged the PKR to USD for her visit to India.

The further details in Meera’s theft case are awaited.

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  1. The police should investigate in this matter.

  2. Is there any reality behind the news, if yes then why she is not going to police station for a FIR?

  3. Yes you are right, she must go to police station to lodge a report upon the theft of her dollars.

  4. It may be a next scandal after the Meera English language scandal.

  5. It may be a true news, that she was due to traveling to India, so therefore she was keeping the money in her bag, which has been stolen by someone during a party.

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