USA Army General Faces Court Martial

A US Army General will be facing the court martial on the charges of forced sex, possessing pornography, taking alcohol, while deployed in Afghanistan. Another charges he has on him is to misuse of his government travel charge card, while serving in Afghanistan.

The news has two points of view, on the first impression it shows how much US Army is frustrated in Afghanistan war, as a lot of US soldiers deployed in Afghanistan has committed suicides, and according to another report more than 1200 US soldiers have killed themselves.

The other point to be noted is this is not a Pakistani or any other army, which has no discipline. The word Discipline is only limited to the low grade officials of army in Pakistan, but the General of US Army will be facing the court martial for having a forced sex, possessing pornography, and taking alcohol during war. In Pakistan it is not less than a surprise that an Army Officer or General is facing court martial.

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  1. Interesting News.

  2. It never happens in Pakistan or developing countries like Pakistan, where no rule is imposed on the rule making authorities.

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