Urdu 1 Channel Dramas in Pakistan

The New Urdu 1 Channel has been launched in Pakistan and has started transmission with Dramas. It was launched on 23rd June and entertaining the people or audience by on airing the Dramas. A lot of women from Pakistan are appreciating the dramas. They plays the foreign dramas, which are dubbed in Urdu and Hindi.


According to a survey conducted in the country, a house wife said Urdu 1 Channel has bring the quality dramas, as other Pakistani TV channels like Hum TV, ARY Digital, Geo TV, Hum TV are also coming with the best quality dramas, which are mostly liked by the house wives. She also added in her statement that if the Channel Urdu 1 will choose to telecast ordinary dramas, than the no one will like the channel and it will soon be in the line with TV One type channel, whose transmission or Dramas are not watched by the audience or people in Pakistan. At this time the Drama Ishq-e-Mamnu is being appreciated by the audience at Urdu 1.

According to a college girl, as morning shows on different channels of Pakistan are doing a well business by entertaining the Pakistani people, the Urdu 1 Channel should start morning shows in addition of Dramas, this practice will also attract a lot of people towards the channel, and it will earn a good repute in Pakistan.

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  1. The Urdu 1 is being appreciated in Pakistan for bringing the quality dramas in Pakistan. The dubbed Dramas are the most famous telecast of this New TV Channel.

  2. I like this channel so much due to the Drama Series, which is going on.

  3. The URDU 1 is coming up with the quality dramas, and the dubbing method is superb. I like to watch the dramas to promote this channel and encourage it in Pakistan.

  4. The channel’s reputation is going well, and Urdu 1 is becoming one of the most famous TV channels of Pakistan.

  5. Urdu 1 channel is now among the famous drama channels of Pakistan in very short period of time. Isabel Meri Aakhri Mohabbat and Ishq-e-Mamnu are going at their best and people are watching these dramas on daily basis. These dramas are dubbed in Urdu language so that its a new and latest trend in the Pakistani dramas. Pakistan is also making the quality dramas but these ready made dramas are doing a huge business in the market with little efforts of dubbing them.

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