Unbearable Weight – Strory of Mexican Beauty Cynthia De La Vega

The Mexican beauty queen Cynthia De La Vega has told a story of her unbearable weight. The best way to get down your weight is to think deeply about your diet plans. You are not the only one who is thinking to loss her weight, there is also a beauty queen of Mexico i.e. Cynthia De La Vega, who lost her Miss World Crown 2011 just on the account of not losing 6 pounds of her weight.

Mexican Beauty Queen Cynthia de la Vega was due to fight for the Miss World Crown in 2011, when the organizers asked her to lose 10 pounds of her body weight. But unfortunately she could not compete in the competition, as she could not lose her 6 pound weight. So organizers of Nuestra Belleza Mundo Mexico beauty pageant withdrew Cynthia from the Miss World pageant 2011, which is equivalent  to Miss world of any country.

Cynthia de la Vega lost her Miss World Crown, as she could not compete in the competition. She was expected to lose her weight almost 6 pound, but it was hard for her to lose her weight quickly. The organizers of the beauty pageant declared her too fat for the competition, and her name was withdrawn from the competition. She was so sad and felling bad upon declaration of fatty girl. she cried and cried, but could not compete with other Mexican beauty queens in the competition. She claimed that she was not given any assistant or nutritionist to lose her weight quickly.


If you are willing to lose your weight quickly and tried of unbearable weight, you must know about the nutrition, diet and regular exercise. The Mexican beauty Queen Cynthia de la Vega was trying to lose weight for picking a big title of Miss World in the beauty pageant, while you try to lose weight just to wear cloths according to your desires. Hence you must think about your diet and regular exercise, which may leads you towards a quickly weight loss.

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