Ukraine Model Valeria Lukyanova Before and Without Makeup

Ukraine model Valeria Lukyanova looks like barbie doll after plastic surgery, but she not looks same before and without makeup. She has done series of transformation plastic surgeries to make her body and face more attractive. After doing several efforts she has made her status in the fashion and showbiz industry of Ukraine. She has become a famous and youngest model of her country.

Valeria Before makeup just looks like a common girl. The 21-years old Valeria Lukyanova belongs to Russia and describes herself as the most famous Russian woman. Hence on the Russian language internet, she has earned fame, but the reality behind her hot pictures is here. KotaKoti is real life barbie, and she looks also beautiful and like a barbie doll without makeup.

Valeria Lukyanova without makeup looks like a normal or common girl. She does not looks like a real life barbie. Have a look on her pictures without makeup and write your comments upon her statement of becoming the most famous Russian woman. In these pictures Valeria Lukyanova is without makeup and eye lenses.


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