UK Study Visa – 10000 Pakistani Students reached UK

Islamabad:  According to a special report of local news channel and different website, more than 10,000 Pakistani students have reached U.K on study Visa, while the number of application for granting student visa is at increasing trend. The British High Commissioner told the media that they are so polite in granting the study visa to Pakistani students and consider the application with less strictness.

As the unemployment in Pakistan is at increasing trend and rate of inflation is increasing day by day, the Pakistani youth is demanding the students visa from different embassies especially from U.K. embassy. They goes there on student visas and work hard to make their families survived in Pakistan.

British ambassador Adam Thomson said during a ceremony organized by Turkish ambassador that British officials help Pakistani students in their studies and conduct less investigation in student visa applications. On this occasion British Ambassador’s wife Iran Born was also present there.


As the British economy is decreasing day by day and the British people are suffering from the economic problems, the embassy can refuse to give student visa to Pakistani students, but Adam Thomson said that the Pakistani students in U.K. are not suffering from the bad economic condition, and they are giving visas gently.

Pakistan is also developing relations with the British Royal government and according to Adam Thomson the British prime minister Gordon Brown will visit Pakistan along with Sayeeda Warsi (Minister Foreign Affairs) in November 2012. This year more than 10,000 students have been granted with U.K. student visa.

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