Twitter to start its own video hosting service

San Francisco, USA: One of the famous social networking sites, Twitter is working to start its own video hosting service, while at this time it is utilizing the third party image hosting services for its applications.

When this video hosting service will be started by Twitter, then it will be able to host the video clips that users uploads to the website through twitter’s application. The third parties like yFrog, Vodpod, and TwitVid will be removed from the Twitter. According to a report by starting this service, Twitter will be refining its consistency and user experience. It will also give a new shape to Twitter, and the users will feel comfortable while uploading the pictures and videos.


It will be a good step for twitter, which will take it towards the advancement. At this time Twitter is among those companies who are yielding the internet on a higher level, and managing their funds for future use. A lot of celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood are sending tweets to their fans through this social networking site. Even you can say that the celebrities form the every field are here to share something with their followers and fan. So Twitter is generating a lot of income from advertisers. But on the other hand the it has also explained that the service will not be started soon, as it will take time. It will also bring more opportunities for both publishers and advertisers. But on the other hand being one of the famous social networking sites, if twitter starts its own video hosting service, it will be a bad news for those who are providing this service to twitter on high rates.

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  1. It will be a great video hosting service by twitter. So when it is starting?

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