Tsunami Warning Issued after 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake on Saturday

CNN: 7.5-magnitude earthquake on 5th January (Saturday morning) struck off the coast of Alaska leading a Tsunami warning issued, which can affect British Columbia, Southern Alaska and Canada, officials said. Tsunami may be a big disaster for these countries and regions.

Whereas the initial report of damages is concerned, it is not yet gotten. West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center is taking it as a Tsunami warning with a significant widespread inundation may be expected.

The strong earthquake struck on 5th January, 2013 at almost mid night i.e. 3:58 a.m. ET off the coast of Alaska, which is about 63 miles west of Craig. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, it is a town on Prince of Wales Island, which is 208 miles south of the capital of Juneau. USGS downgraded the size of temblor from 7.7 to 7.5. It is also an achievement for the department to prevent from the major loss.


The Tsunami warning was issued not only for the coastal areas of British Columbia, but also the some others area (from the northern tip of Vancouver Island to Cape Suckling, Alaska, 75 miles southeast of Cordova and British Columbia) are not secured. According to a warning released by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, the above mentioned areas are come under the Tsunami warning.

Keeping in view the precautionary measures, a Tsunami watch was in effect for some areas from British Columbia to Washington British Columbia Border. Tsunami warning center also revealed that it is a ‘no destructive threat’ to the areas of Hawaii. They issued Tsunami warning for the coastal areas, which can experience strong currents and larger waves due to earthquakes.

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  1. End of World, the Mayan calendar was saying right. After the 21 December 2012 a Tsunami threat was received by the Tsunami warning center, and it recalled the Mayan calendar, which has been ended on December 21. The Mayans were saying that the world is going to end and it is also going towards doomsday.

  2. The end of Mayan calendar theory was an indication of just like this thing, in which an era was going to be end of United States and some other countries as well.

  3. Tsunami is still a warning, as there is no storm in the water. Previously many cities of Japan were destroyed due to the natural disaster. This time again the houses and working places of the people are not secured, and there is no place to prevent themselves from disaster.

  4. Tsunami warning is a big warning for Japan, British Columbia and many other countries. The people are just afraid of it and trying to manage the great storm.

  5. These disasters can’t be overcome, because there are naturals. Whenever we disturb the nature’s activity it gives some bad affects.

  6. British Columbia is still under the threat of Tsunami.

  7. Natural disasters can destroy a country in seconds. So this disaster indicated by the earthquake was expected, but the scientists were doing their best efforts to reduced the power of the incident.

  8. The power of earthquake was reduced by the scientists.

  9. The areas are still safe from the natural disaster, which was expected.

  10. It was a big earthquake.

  11. It was a warning by the Tsunami Warning center, but still there is no problem and the areas are safe.

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