Top 10 Highest Waterfalls in the World – Pictures

Here is a list of top 10 highest waterfalls in all over the world. Waterfalls are much beautiful to look at. But the most highest are not the most beautiful at all. The view of water falling down is always mesmerizing. Here we have brought up a list of most amazing and famous waterfalls of the world.

Highest waterfalls are the beautiful places in the world to visit. If you love to see waterfall in your country or outside country, this article will guide you to visit the most beautiful and amazing places, where you can enjoy a water fall sight. Nigara falls are the famous one in the world with a 51 meters of height. These waterfall are high but not so good.

The highest waterfalls in the world is 979 meters high. So you can go through this guide to visit the places, where waterfalls are available for your enjoyment. Have a look on the pictures of top 10 highest and famous waterfalls in all over the world.

1. Ángel Falls in Venezuela – 979 meters


2. Tugela Falls in South Africa – 948 meters


3. Cataratas Las Tres Hermanas in Peru – 914 meters

Cataratas Las Tres Hermanas in Peru

4. Oloupena Falls in Hawaii – 900 meters


5. Yambilla Falls in Peru – 896 meters


6. Vinnufossen in Norway – 860 meters


7. Baläifossen in Norway – 850 meters


8. Pu’uka’oku Falls in Hawaii – 840 meters


9. James Bruce Falls in Canada – 840 meters


10. Browne Falls in New Zealand – 836 meters



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