Tomb of Egyptian princess Shert Nebti found near Cairo

Cairo:Antiquities Minister of Egypt announced on Friday about the discovery of Egypt princess’s tomb, which was dating from the fifth dynasty – almost 2500 BC. It has been a more than thousand years that the Tutankhamun rules in the Abu Sir region in south of Cairo.

While talking to the media Mohamed Ibrahim said that the Antiquities ministry has discovered the antechamber to princess Shert Nebti’s tomb. This tomb contains four rock pillars. It was testified that this is the original tomb of Shert Nebti, when the name of princess with her title was found written at the stone in hieroglyphic inscriptions. She was the daughter of the king Men Salbo.

According to the Ibrahim, The Czech Institute of Egyptology’s mission directed by the Miroslav Bartas and founded by the Charles University of Prague has made this discovery to find the tomb of princess. Ibrahim Mohmed said, in the hiostory of sepulchers at Abu Sir and Saggara, this discovery of the tomb is the beginning of a new era.


The Czech team which is investigating the tombs, has executed a passageway in the antechamber, which enables off to four other tombs, from which the two have already been discovered. According to the inscriptions on the tombs, the two tombs are of the high ranked officials i.e. grand upholder of the law and inspector of the servants of the palace. Director of the Supreme Council of Antiquities for Giza said that the all the discoveries have been made during the successful excavation season in October 2012.

Whereas the corridor is concerned, it contains four limestone sarcophagi showing statuettes of a man. You can easily see in this picture two men with a woman and a man accompanied by his son. This is a great discovery for the Egypt as the Antiquities were in search of Princess Shert Nebti’s tomb.

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