This Shy boy Can’t Has Brand New Girlfriend

Can you imagine that this boy can has a brand new girlfriend? He is so shy that a girl is proposing him, but he is not ready to make a girl friend. In this modern age where girl are becoming more familiar with boys, some boys are so shy that they can’t propose a girl for friendship. This is in this talking picture is also acting like a shy guy. Girl is offering him to taste her tongue but he is not ready to do that due to his shyness. This shy boy can’t have a girlfriend at all, who is not accepting the proposal of a girl. But it is a fact that like these shy guys are the most favorite for girls specially wives, who never take interest in girls and if take then never propose them for marriage. This picture tells about the loving story of a girl who didn’t get her proposal accepted, and a boy lost a chance to have a brand new girlfriend.


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