The US Man Behind Anti-Islam or Blasphemous Movie Jailed

A federal judge on Thursday determined a man from California USA behind a crudely produced Anti-Islam Movie, that has inflamed the several parts of Middle East. After hearing the case the judge ordered him to be behind bars as he is jailed.

The Chief Magistrate Judge Suzanne Segal said Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was involved in many cases and had been jailed once before. He has eight probation violations like lying to his probation officers, using aliases and check fraud etc. He has been 21 months in prison once before.

in July, a 15 minutes trailer of the blasphemous movie with title “Innocence of Muslims” was posted on video sharing site i.e. Youtube, which leads the Muslim world especially Middle East to start protest against the America. The Nakoula, who belongs to a Christian family from Egypt hided himself as he was identified as the man behind the movie trailer.The violence in the Middle East was come in the shape of protest on 11 September and killed a dozens of men. During the hearing of the case, the media and news reporters were banned in the court and they heard the case on televisions.


A blasphemous movie or Anti-Islam Movie video was made last years, and the man behind this movie was called Sam Bacile. When the voilence started in the different parts of the world, the man Bacile spoke to the media outlets including the Associated Press that he just took the credit for the film. But on the next day the Associated Press determined that there was no Bacile, and they linked the identity to Nakoula, who was a former gas station owner. Nakoula is a drug convicted man and has history of using aliases. It was decided by the Federal authorities later that there is no Bacile, and the man behind the blasphemous or Anti-Islam Movie video is Nakoula. After being caught by the AP, he gave a statement that he was just involved in the blasphemous movie and only worked on logistics and management.

When judge asked him the real name, Nakoula then replied that his real name is Mark Basseley Youseff, and he is using this name since 2002.
Lawrence Rosenthal, a constitutional and criminal law professor at Chapman University School of Law in Orange, said it was “highly unusual” for a judge to order immediate detention on a probation violation for a nonviolent crime, but if there were questions about Nakoula’s identity it was more likely. As there is a charity organization of Egypt Christians, the most of the parts of the Anti-Islam movie were captured there in the headquarter. Steve Klein who is an insurance agents said he was the promoter and consultant for the film.

A lot of protests have been going on in the Muslim World against the culprits, as Pakistan has announced holiday on 21st September 2012 fro conducting a protest against the blasphemous movie. The mobile service was also remained off on the day of protest. The whole Muslim world is showing anger on the trailer of the Anti-Islam Movie, as Ghulam Ahmad Bilour has put a bounty of $ 100,000 for the person who will kill the person behind the movie.

The trailer of the movie can be found still on the youtube. The president Obama administration asked the parent company of youtube i.e. Google to take down the video, but they refused and replied that there is no content in the video, which violate their content standards. Meanwhile, the workers and actors of the film have come forward to say they were just tricked, as they were hired for the movie titled “Desert Warrior”, and the name of Islam was not mentioned in the script of the blasphemous movie. The film was dubbed after its completion. The Actress Cindy Lee Garcia has now sued the culprits to get the trailer taken down from the video sharing site, as she was misused.

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  1. This man should not be sent behind bars, but he should be murdered or killed, or should be hanged till death.

  2. zahoor ahmad khan

    the man behind the blasphemous movie is not only responsible for the movie but also responsible for the deah of many people around the the US government is proclaiming that they have jaild called jailing. if they want to prenish The ANGER of the MUSLIMS , they should hang the guy in front of the whole world.and this is the oly way.

  3. The man should be killed on the spot.

  4. He should be killed as due to his wrong doing a lot of people have been killed in protests.

  5. Not only the killing in protests, but a lot of cinemas and other places have been set on fire due to his wrong doing.

  6. He should be given the strict punishment so that no one think about making an Anti-Islam movie in future.

  7. The comments are just further proof that Islam is a mental disorder. If you think people who insult your religion should be killed then you need to be removed from society either in a nut house or killed. Either join the civilized world or we can bomb you back to the stone ages.

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