The Reason Why Pakistan Lost Cricket Match From India

In Pakistan and India T 20 match, The Pakistani Cricket Teams was defeated by the Indians. Have you ever think that what is the main reason behind this controversy, that whenever Pakistani teams comes against the Indian Cricket Teams, it looses the temper and plays while being nervous? Why Shahid Afridi, the lion of Pakistani team when comes in front of Indian team only plays two or three balls? Why the word “Indian Cricket Teams” pressurizes the Pakistani cricketers?

As Pakistan has been defeated by the India in T 20 match, its a big loosing of Pakistani nation, who was praying for the winning of Pakistani Cricket Team in T 20 match. This was just a final of the tournament for the Pakistani nation as the main rival India was against the Pakistan, but Pakistan broke the hopes of the nation by loosing the match.This time Funbench is presenting the answer in a humorous way that will really make you pleasant.


I have just saw this image on another blog and it attracted me so much to read the article about the Pakistani Cricket Team. This image or photo is showing that the Pakistani team has no connection with the nation but as it is frustrated, it has a desire for sexy and hot girls. The three frustrated Pakistani team players are watching towards the sexy and hot girls with full of frustration while coming in the stadium ground. The blog owner has mentioned that this is the big and main reason why India almost wins the cricket match from the Pakistani team.

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  1. What the humorous way, in which you have described the loosing of Pakistani Cricket Team. These girls are not so hot or sexy, as they are staring.

  2. Pakistani Cricketer

    They are seeing the sexy legs and other assets of the girls, and not thinking about the match.

  3. They are staring at the short skirt girls.

  4. It is the frustrated Pakistani cricket team, when they see a hot and sexy girl, they leave the match behind.

  5. Funny picture about Pakistani Cricket Team.

  6. Hahahah, it may be one of the main reasons of loosing the match.

  7. Funny and Amazing, the frustrated team is looking at the legs of girls, and not thinking about the match.

  8. They have disappointed the Pakistani nation by doing such these acts or staring at the girls.

  9. Amazing reason you have described here.

  10. These are the Tharki Pakistanis.

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