The Reason Behind The Shaista Wahidi Divorce

As the rocking news of Shaista Wahidi Divorce spread around the world very soon, it is proved to be a stigma for her. The beautiful and sizzling Host of GEO TV morning show was doing her work very well and giving a huge business to the employer while hosting the morning show. But after all the news that shaista wahidi got divorced, gave a huge shock to her fans, who are very much excited for watching her show on daily basis. When


Main Reason Behind Shaista Wahidi Divorce

She was working well for TV channel and giving a proper time to her work. But on the other hand her children were suffering due to non availability of their mom at home. Mother always take care of their child on priority basis, but Shaista was not taking keen interest in her children clothing and studies. When her husband took a serious notice of it, he wanted her to stop the morning show and other showbiz activities, but Shaista was very curious about her carrier, as she was becoming more famous day by day not only in Pakistan but also in the world, and her show is broadcasted almost all around the world. She sacrifice her child’s care for her showbiz carrier and morning shows, and decided to get divorce from her husband. So it became the main reason behind the shaista wahidi divorce.


What People Are Thinking About Shaista Wahidi Divorce

When the news flied over the social media and other networks as Shaista Wahidi Divorce, she lost her fame in the eyes of her fans as well as her daily viewers, who are very punctual and regular in watching her morning show. She was getting fame and going towards the success in her showbiz and morning shows activity, but after hearing that she took divorce on her own behalf for continue her morning shows and her showbiz carrier, people are not thinking well about Shaista. It should be well in her knowledge that a wife is always honored with the name of her husband, and without the surname she is nothing to present herself as a married woman. So the huge fan club of Shaista Wahidi is deteriorating and people are not passing good comments about the famous TV host of Geo TV.

Shaista Wahidi Divorce Gave Back Her Old Name

The surname is the most wanted thing in the name of a man, who present a cost or the guardian’s name of someone, and Shaista has lost her surname, which gave her so much popularity. The Shaista Wahidi formerly known as Shaista Lodhi is a daughter of Lodhi Family and sister of Sahir Lodhi, who was after get married with Waqar Wahidi, has got divorce now and lost her surname, because she is known as Wahidi, not Lodhi. So Shaista has now become again the Shaista Lodhi. After all Shaista Wahidi Divorce has become a huge controversy in these days.

After all it was not a good decision for Shaista that she got divorced, while she is a mother of tow suns and a cute daughter. She gave a huge sacrifice of her children carrier for her own showbiz carrier. She has made a baddest decision of her life, that will not prove so good for her. She will enjoy all the other activities, but will not have a time with her children, which is the most precious things in a mother’s life. Let’s see what people say about the Shaista Wahidi Divorce as she is a famous TV host on GEO TV morning show.

News Update: The news has been updated and confirmed that she is now divorced. According to another news coming up the media, she is going to marry once again.

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  1. jo maan apnay bachoon k leay sacrifice nahin ker sakti wo maan jaisay azeem rutbay ki haqdar nahin hay.

  2. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what they’re talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe you’re not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

  3. shaista fame hamesha nahain rahta. kul koi aur chahra tumhari jagah laly ga.i heard u love someone else before married .that why u never accept that relation.

  4. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..

  5. Please upload some more pictures of Shaista Lodhi.

  6. Shaista Wahidi was being more advanced in morning shows, according to me this is the main reason behind her divorce.

  7. If you see the shaista wahidi official page, you will find the real information about her divorce.

  8. the question is wht did that guy saw in her ? Indo pak Media is full of such whores, ha ha

  9. Shaista, you and your ex husband will find someone else maybe
    Better you guys had from before but the most who wil suffer
    Are your children .God bless all of you.

  10. There may be a log of reason, may be the regular disputes etc.

  11. There may be a lot of reason which will come upon the media soon.


  13. The reason is not disclosed yet.

  14. There are a lot of fake news about the reason behind divorce.

  15. Can anyone tell the actual reason? There are so much rumor.

  16. her divorced has been confirmed.

  17. well….i think we shud not comment on her personal life matter…..jis per guzarti hia wo hi janta hai…mooo chalana bohat asan hai…

  18. The divorce has been confirmed.

  19. She can’t live well after having divorce.

  20. if the gvng reason is the main reason of divorce so i must say shaista is wrong absolutly after sum tym one day she must realized wht she has lost

  21. when you go swimming you ll gonna get wet,,,,,,,,,

  22. acha to ap logo ka asli chehra ye ha samne kuch or pitchy kuch or sham on u

  23. They are stars but they have hearts so its their personal life, dont think like this.

  24. You are right Amin, we should not criticize on the personal life of celebrities.

  25. She did what she think right, but according to the public and audience, it was a wrong decision taken by Shaista Wahidi.

  26. Shaista Wahidi is much busy in her career, but once she will be thinking about her children that she has left behind her.

  27. is there any thing else in peoples life except shaista lodhi

  28. You need to improve on your journalistic and language skills. PLEASE! Stop posting so much crap at once.


  30. koi samjiga kya raz-e-gulshan jb tk ulji na kanton se daman …………

  31. Sandeela Ashraf

    What the crap article you wrote. It doesn’t at all depict the actual facts but only your grammatical mistakes :/

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