The Power of a Woman – Wife Destroyed a Car of her Husband

It is a the power of a woman that she can do anything, which she want. A woman destroyed a car of her husband after having quarrel with him. The Woman is from Pakistan, and she was living with her parents leaving her children with her husband. When she goes to meet her children, the husband refused to allow her. She came outside and break the Car of her husband that he can’t ride any other girl in her car. All the town residents are stopping her for doing this act, but she couldn’t be stopped. The angry woman in this video is trying very hard to break the car of her husband. She break all the glasses and make it full of scratches. The husband couldn’t came outside to stop her wife for doing that. It is a reality that when girl become hyper, no one can stop her for showing her anger.

Uff Yeh beeeviyan by Malik_Jee

When you are living with your wife, you should love her, as you did before the marriage, if it is your love marriage. You only fails when you failed to fulfill the desires of your wife, and couldn’t came up to her expectations. One more fact of quarrels is having a girlfriend while having a wife. It is a very nice saying that, the girl or woman is like a flower. You should smell its fragrance only instead of beating her or have quarrel with each other. Whenever a woman become hyper, the power of a woman reveals.

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  3. Fantastic Info! But I?? She seems to be a desi wife of Pakistani husband. She is playing a role of anger woman by breaking the car exterior.

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    That’s a good post.

  5. A woman can tolerate anything but never the share in her husband.

  6. Its not a good thing to lead your husbands towards a loss.

  7. There may be a ghost inside her, as she is breaking the car with full power.

  8. Brave Woman.

  9. Its the real anger of a woman.

  10. The husband should remain sincere with her wife.

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