The Piano House in An Hui, China

The Piano House is situated in Huainan City of An Hui Province in China. It is famous due to its design and structure, which looks like Piano. Few years ago, the people were amazed to see the Animal Houses, as those were the animal shaped buildings. But this time the musical instrument has been used to give an amazing look to the building structure. These are the world’s best architecture buildings.

China has took the credit to built the Piano House. Piano is a beautiful musical instrument, and this building i.e. Piano house has a transparent violin and a piano shaped structure. When you see inside the violin, there is a staircase towards the piano house upstairs. People goes there to have fun while visiting the Violin and Piano House building. If you have a look on the inside view of the Piano House, you will see that it is well decorated with glass and other costly material from inner side. China is also in process to build the World’s tallest skyscraper soon.

The Piano House Building has been especially built for music lovers in China. The students of music classes from the local colleges can participate and perform in the Piano house in Huainan City, China. This building is motivating students by showing the plans of other cities, which are under developments. It is a best architect design of the building, which has been constructed on the theme of music. Have a look on the Piano house building pictures and write your comments upon the skill and efforts of architecture.The-Piano-House

Piano-House-in-China  Backside-of-the-piano-house


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