The Little Dragon & National Hero MM Alam is Not Well – Pray For Him

Muhammad Mahmood Alam known as MM Alam, who destroyed 5 air crafts of Indian army in less than a minute, is not well, and his condition is deteriorating. So pray for him. MM Alam is a national hero of Pakistan, who become famous Hero after 1965 Indo-Pakistan War, in which he successfully defeated the 5 air crafts of Indian Army, and after that he was given a name Little Dragon. He also made a world record which is unbreakable yet, by destroying the first four air crafts within first thirty seconds, which is unprecedented and just like a miracle in the air force history of the world. He was also awarded with Sitara-e-Jurrat (“The star of courage”). As MM Alam having great flying skills destroyed the air crafts of Indian army leaving them discourage, Pakistani Govt awarded him one more thing by attaching his name with a road in Lahore, which is known as MM Alam Road in Gulberg.


MM Alam is also known as Sir MM Alam, because Pakistani Government has also awarded him with the Sir name i.e. SIR MM ALAM.

This time MM Alam the super hero of pilot is not well due to his illness, so we pray from the ALLAH Almighty for his better health. God Bless Him.



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  1. He is the asset of Pakistan.

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