The Celebrities Who Refuse to Age – Actresses And Actors

These are the celebrities (actors and actresses) who seems to be lesser than their actual age. I don’t meant that these celebrities hide their age, but these are the Pakistani actors and actresses, who have maintained their figures and look always younger than their age. A lot of Pakistani celebrities have come upon big screens, but couldn’t maintained their bodies well, and other always look cute and younger. Several Pakistani actors and actresses goes more beautiful and finer with the passage of time. Here is a list of Pakistani actors and actresses who hide their age on the ground of their personalities.

mehnoor-baloch 1. Mahnoor Baloch

She is a most beautiful and sizzling actress of Pakistan, who has played a key role in the Pakistani showbiz industry. Mahnoor Baloch has an offer for Hollywood Movie Torn. She will be among those Pakistani actresses who have presented their services and skills in the famous Hollywood Industry.






Faisal-Rehman2. Faisal Rehman:

He is another actors who also refuses his age, He has been presenting his acting skills since long and yet looks so young.






Zeba-Bakhtiar3. Zeba Bakhtiyaar:

She is a Pakistani and Indian actress as well who looks young in the age of above 40. She has appeared on big screen a lot of time. The ex wife of Adnan Sami, Zeba Bakhtiar is known in Bollywood due to her super hit movie with Rishi Kapoor ‘Hina’, which was a blockbuster of its time.






seemi-pasha4. Seemi Pasha:

The beautiful and sizzling Model and Actress of Pakistan knows the trick to look young even after having two young sons. She is going to be more pretty with the passage of time year after year.







nouman5. Nauman Ejaz:

He is also one of the great and old Pakistani actors, who has a beautiful personality. He has done his hair transplant sometimes ago. He has contributed a lot in Pakistani Dramas, and always looks younger than ever.







Sajid-Hassan6. Sajjid Hassan:

He has lost her hairs but has a lot of popularity in Pakistani Dramas. He has not done the hair transplant because he likes his personality all the times in any look.






Bushra-Ansari-Hot7. Bushra Ansari:

She is most beautiful actress of Pakistani Drama Industry and she has also proved to be a value able and beautiful singer with an innocent and sweet voice.










 8. Qavi Khan:

He is also one of the most famous actors of Pakistan, and she has presented her skills in Pakistani Film Industry, Pakistani Dramas and Pakistani Theater.


Humayun-Saeed9: Hamayun Saeed:

Humayun Saeed always hide his age with the look of his personality. He is one of the most favourite actors in pakistan, and looks always young and same as he was appeared first time in Dramas in 1990s.







Adnan-Siddiqui10. Adnan Siddiqui:

Humayun Saeed is among those actors of Pakistan who have presented Pakistan in the famous film industry i.e. Hollywood. He has also worked in a Hollywood Movie with some Indians Actors and Angelina Julie. He is not so young as he always looks like.


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  1. Mahnoor Baloch is one of my favorite actress, who has proved her self in the Pakistani dramas and showbiz industry. She always looks young and beautiful.

  2. Very beautifully you have described that how these celebrities keeps themselves young and fit. They always refuses to age due to their stunning figure and charming looks.

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