Tattoo Implanting is major cause of Hepatitis

Washington (APP, Net News): According to American medical experts, tattoo implanting can be a major cause of diseases like hepatitis. It increases the chances of hepatitis. It is a natural fact that whenever we disturb the nature, it results in some side effects, so the tattoo implanting side effect is a diseases like hepatitis.

The research work was carried out at New York University Langone , where the experts discovered that implanted tattoos increase the chances of hepatitis, which may lead to liver cancer. So tattoo implanting with machines is harmful for human health.

Hepatitis has become a major disease in the 21st century, and according to the American Disease Control Department almost 3.2 million Americans are facing the threat of various diseases including hepatitis just because of carelessness. Tattoo implantation is such a habit that can increase the chances of liver cancer, as it leads to hepatitis, Leangone Medical Center researchers said and warned the people who love to implant tattoo at their bodies.


NYU Langone medical center is a big name in the medical department of America. It is affiliated with New York University. It has also got a name for the Honor Roll of U.S News ‘Best Hospital’ for the year 2012-2013 in the nation. The research center of this medical center is outstanding, where a lot of searches being done on different issues on daily basis. In the University Medical Center the researchers have proved the the tattoo implantation can cause a major disease like hepatitis, which later can leads to liver cancer.

So after going through the effects of tattoo implantation, we should avoid from the tattoo implantation, as it is harmful for human health. It is one of the major causes of Hepatitis, and the fact has been proved by the American Medical Researchers.

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