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3 Suns in China at Same Time in Sky


Here is the video of 3 Suns seen in the sky in China. It is an exclusive video, which is revealing real effect of 3 suns in the cloud. This incident was reported in all over the world by various news channels, and a video of sun was also shown …

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Top 10 Worst Party Photos Ever – 2013


Some photos have no quality to publish on the Facebook, but these top 10 photos have made their way being the worst party photos ever over the web. The Facebook page Ronkaan is publishing the funny stuff over the web, which is really appreciated by the page fans. The most …

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Amazing Roof Structure of 1,500 Plastic Bottles


Garth Britzman is an amazing designer who made a new recycling and built an amazing roof structure by combining 1,500 recycled plastic bottles. This amazing creativity and structure of the roof is giving the whole credit to designer Garth Britzman. The Roof Structure of plastic bottles was constructed by the …

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