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The Snake Cake – Amazing Edible Snake


The Snake Cake idea has become popular in Europe, where people used to make Amazing edible snake cakes. This funny and amazing picture of snake is not a real snake, it is just a cake that can be served on parties, birthdays, events and anniversaries. Edible Snake is an amazing …

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Youngest Female Billionaire in America ‘Lynsi Torres’


Latest Bloomberg report revealed that Lynsi Torres (President of In-N-Out-Burger) is the youngest female Billionaire of America. She has been entitled as youngest female billionaire in US. The youngest billionaire Lynsi Torres has neither any college degree nor formal management training, while she is running an amazing hamburgers business in …

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Cannibalism in North Korea – People Dieing with Hunger


Pyongyang: North Korea is on the way to Cannibalism due to hunger, from which people are dieing. Starvation has become the major problem in South Korea, where almost 10 thousand people have already died due to hunger. The chances of Cannibalism are increasing in North Korea, as some incidents have …

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