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3 Suns in China at Same Time in Sky


Here is the video of 3 Suns seen in the sky in China. It is an exclusive video, which is revealing real effect of 3 suns in the cloud. This incident was reported in all over the world by various news channels, and a video of sun was also shown …

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Animals: Unexpected Friends Live Together


The animals that are unexpected friends live together. The three predators, lion, tiger and a bear are dangerous animals but live together as friends. But how is it possible that these wild animals are living together like brothers and sisters. They consider the other animals as their rivals, as they …

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Doctor Injects Girl’s Bums with Cement


A Doctor from Miami (US) has done a worst plastic surgery of a girl in a manner that which is not suiting at all, as it looks like horror movie. It is a worst plastic surgery of girl’s hips, where a doctor injects a mixture of cement, superglue and oil …

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Top 10 Worst Party Photos Ever – 2013


Some photos have no quality to publish on the Facebook, but these top 10 photos have made their way being the worst party photos ever over the web. The Facebook page Ronkaan is publishing the funny stuff over the web, which is really appreciated by the page fans. The most …

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5000 Ducks Stop Traffic – Amazing Accident


Somewhere in world 5000 ducks comes on road and stops traffic leaving an amazing accident. I have seen some amazing pictures of ducks, who have stopped traffic. It was a big group of ducks, who stopped the traffic. The ducks’ pictures i am copying have been taken from the accident, …

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