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10 Weird and Funny Shoes Pictures


These 10 beautiful, weird and funny shoes pictures have been collected from web. These sandals, shoes and sleepers of ladies and gents are giving a funny look to the viewers. These funky shoes can give you an exclusive look, if you wear them. These are the world’s famous and funny …

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The Piano House in An Hui, China


The Piano House is situated in Huainan City of An Hui Province in China. It is famous due to its design and structure, which looks like Piano. Few years ago, the people were amazed to see the Animal Houses, as those were the animal shaped buildings. But this time the …

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Giant Big Bench in Berlin Fuhrpark Park


It is a huge, funny, amazing and funny bench placed in Berlin Park for visitors.  This is not a normal bench, but a big one with a huge sitting space for girls, women, men, boys and kids. A family can easily sit on this biggest bench in Berlin Park. Have …

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Animal Shaped Buildings in the World


The pet lovers have made animal buildings or animal shaped buildings in the world. The amazing and cool designs of the buildings are giving an exclusive look like animals including cat, dog, fish, turtle and goldfish. Animal Buildings have been designed on a beautiful and amazing structure. Some of these …

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World’s Longest Toenails Ever of Ayanna


Ayanna 54-years old woman has world’s longest toenails. She said that she looks sexy with long toenails. But she feels difficulty in maintenance of her toenails, as she has to walk and climb on stairs on daily basis. After having the longest toenails of the world, you must use the …

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Created Equal Photo Series by Mark Laita


Created Equal is a photo series created by the famous Mark Laita. The Pictures have been created keeping in view equality instead of having different in all of us. We have many different in our lives according to several point of views. But these pictures have been given a name …

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