Suresh Raina Remarks Against Pakistani Cricket Team On Twitter

The middle order batsman of Indian Cricket Team Suresh Raina as usual always remain in news headlines by giving remarks against Pakistan on different issues has once again appeared in the headlines by giving the comments against Pakistani Cricket Team on Twitter. After Sri Lanka won the match from Pakistan in Semi-Final, the cricketer Suresh Raina on his official twitter account tweeted as following.


Ek do din late gaye ghar !!!! Woh bhi besharam ki tarah Gaye… Bye bye Pakistan!!!

After reading the tweet the fans of cricket started retweet saying this tweet is condemnable Suresh should prevent from publishing like these remarks. After seeing the people behavior against Suresh, he deleted these tweets from his account. In the cricket match between Pakistan and India, the Indian cricketer Suresh Raina was seen to remain quite to Pakistani spectators, this behavior was also criticized by the Pakistanis on the social networking sites and media.

As its has become a practice of Suresh Raina to insult Pakistan, this is the time to be serious upon the issue. Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB) should take action against the cricketer and lodge a protest with International Cricket Council (ICC) as well as the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). So that he couldn’t tweet like these remarks against Pakistan.

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  1. He should never pass like these comments, which will have to be deleted afterwards.

  2. It is the wrong doing of suresh that he updated the tweets and then deleted it.

  3. It is a wrong doing of Suresh Raina, which has been done after getting jealous from the Pakistani Cricket team.

  4. These comments are condemned by the Pakistani nation, which had to be deleted by the poster.

  5. Suresh Raina should abide by giving like these comments on twitter.

  6. Suresh Raina was showing the anger upon her own team which lost the series before Pakistani Cricket team.

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