Stage Actress Zara Akbar to leave showbiz after Hajj

Lahore:Pakistani stage actress and dancer Zara Akbar has decided to leave showbiz industry after performing Hajj (Pilgrimage). Zara Akbar is a famous stage dancer of Pakistani theater, and she has clarified her position upon vulgarity in stage dramas or Mujras. She also claimed that she do what producers say, as the majority of audience comes in stage dramas to watch the vulgar acts and dance (Mujra).

She was also asked about the news that Nargis left showbiz industry and dance, she denied to pass any comments upon the issue. She does not want to say anything about the stage actress Nargis. According to the stage actress, many celebrities perform Hajj, but do not leave showbiz industry, as it is against Islam. But when she will perform pilgrimage (Hajj), she will left the dance, stage, theater and whole showbiz industry of Pakistan.

Few days ago, one of the hot and vulgar stage dancers Saima Khan talked about Vulgarity in Stage or theater, and told that she has to perform according to the instructions of producers and directors, who had invested a huge amount on stage dramas. She also claimed that most of the audience come to watch some hot Mujras and vulgar dance.


Zara Akbar is willing to launch a debut music album in near future. She has a filmy background, in which she has got some leading awards of Pakistan by working in films and stage. But it is a good news that the hot stage actress has decided to leave vulgarity, dance, mujra, stage, showbiz, film industry and theater after performing Hajj (Pilgrimage).

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