Stage Actress Saima Khan talks about Mujra and Dance

Pakistani stage actress and dancer Saima Khan passed her comments upon vulgarity, dance performance and Mujra in Stage Dramas in theaters. She told the media that she always give dance performance in stage dramas to get the smiles of people or audience. She dance to give the pleasure to the audience, so that they could enjoy a little bit in their daily lives.

Saima Khan hot actress and stage dance of Pakistani stage industry also talked about the vulgar dances and speeches in the Pakistani stage dramas. The Pakistani audience likes the stage dramas in both the ways, as some people come to see the vulgarity and Mujras, while others come to enjoy a little bit with their family. But the majority of the audience come to watch Pakistani stage dramas due to the vulgar contents, so the director and producer are directed to show the vulgarity in Pakistani stage dramas.

Previously there was a controversy against the stage dancer Saima Khan upon the release of Be Bas Kaliyan of Saima Khan, in which she had become a victim due to her vulgar dance performance. Saima Khan without cloths Mujra was a famous term of google search in those days. But after passing some time, the controversy and scandal came to an end, as hot Saima Khan became the popular celebrity of Pakistani stage dramas by starting the fine and quality work.


Whereas the stage dancers are concerned, they perform Mujras on the stage, and show vulgar acts to attract the audience. Because they know it very well that most of the audience is there to watch the vulgar performance. Whereas the personal views of hot Saima Khan are concerned, she always likes to perform on the traditional trends, and she never wants to go against the monitoring teams formed by the Pakistani government to monitor the vulgarity in Pakistani stage dramas. She added that her dance performances are far from vulgarity, as she performs Mujras to cherish the faces of the audience.

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