Stage actress and dancer Nargis house attacked in Lahore

Lahore:Some unidentified armed men opened fire at stage actress nargis’s house in Lahore. Nargis is out of country these days, as she is involved in a killing case.

Sources told that some unidentified armed men came on Friday outside the house of Nargis and opened fire, but fortunately no causalities were reported. The culprits and shooters escape from the site after firing at the house of Nargis, who is a famous Pakistani actress and stage dancers, but for the sake of Islam she has left the showbiz industry at all and started to wear Hijab. ON 24th October she appeared on different news and TV channels and announced to leave stage as well as the showbiz industry, because she wants to become a Muslim cleric. She also repented from her sins. Nargis is also involved in Juna Butt Case, as she is alledged to give money for killing him.


The main purpose of this attack is not revealed yet, but it is worth mentioning here that the stage actress Nargis had relationship with paid killers and underworld dons. When she was taking oath on Quran, she announced to break all relations with stage actors. She also told the media that she is getting the teachings of Islam from Maulana Tariq Jamil, who is one of the famous Muslim clerics.

Pakistani stage or drama actress Nargis who was famous for her stage dance has left the showbiz industry and getting the teachings of Islam from Maulana Tariq Jamil, but as she is out of country these days her house couldn’t be save from the previous relations. The unknown people or shooters came at her door and opened fire leaving an unknown or discovered message for the stage dancer Nargis.

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