Spotted: Kim Kardashian in Black Dress at Beverly Hills Home

After the Kim Kardashian pregnancy news, she has been spotted in Black dress while coming out from her Beverly Hills home on February 6, 2013. She always likes to wear some hot brands of the market, and this time she is wearing the Lanvin Black and White coat, Jimmy Choo silver pumps and Hermes Purse.





Kim Kardashian is ready to become mother of Kanye West’s baby, and it seems that there may be some controversies between them, as they are in the news headlines for some scandalous reasons. It seems that Kim’s family is not liking Kanye West as her husband. Therefore the public has also made many affairs taking Kim and Kanye relationship.

Kim Kardashian the beauty queen of reality programs has come out this time to show her good and happy mode in a beautiful black dress, which is really suiting the hot Kim Kardashian. Kim always like to be in news headlines for several reasons, and this time her fans are ready to see her in some hot dress.

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