Sheikh Muhammad Of Dubai Arrnaged a Dance Of Hoors For Bush

According to the another leaked of Wiki-Leaks, Sheikh Muhammad (Emperor of Dubai) arranged a dance of assumed heaven hoors for Bush (Ex president of United States of America. Sheikh Muhammad offered president Bush to accept Islam and arranged the dance of Hoors of heaven as a demonstration. But when it came in the knowledge of Bush’s wife, everything ruined. It is a fact that after going to heaven the man and woman will be awarded with every facility of their use in the heaven. The Sheikh is showing the dance of Hoors to George W. Bush as a demonstration after accepting Islam and going to heaven.


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  1. I think the bush is getting entertainment.

  2. Both are enjoying the dance, which is a demonstration of Hoors.

  3. I also want to see this demonstration.

  4. Is it a demonstration or enjoyment?

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