Sheesha Cafe as Well as Smoking in Public Area are Banned in Pakistan.

The city Government of Pakistan imposed a ban on smoking in public places, also declared an order that sheesha cafes, restaurants, and hotels that allowed smoking on their premises must be shut down.


Sheesha-Cafe.-Hukkah notice was served to sheesha cafes, restaurants, and hotels instructed them to close the smoking areas, and completely close down the tabacco use. As it is well in our knowledge that tobacco is not a good thing for health, even if you see at any cigarette packet, there is written down that smoking cause mouth cancer and many other deceases. But we use tobacco on regular basis to get nicotine. If you come to sheesha, it is becoming the trend in our new generation. Especially it is very famous in young generation like students. Mostly in Pakistan, students are often used to go in sheesha cafes instead of their colleges and schools.


A huge cafe has been started in Defense Housing Authority (DHA) with the name of World Fashion Café. It has all the facilities like sheesha, cigarette, dance bar, beer bar, modeling ramp, and many others. People especially students go there to enjoy all the above mentioned facilities, and no restriction is imposed by our Government. If there is restriction, then there is no check out.


I have personally visited many cafes in Lahore city, and it is found that the majority of their customers are students, who are out of their homes due to study purpose, but unfortunately wasting their time in sheesha cafes. Girls are also used to go in these cafes and hotels which have sheesha facility and enjoyed by getting smoke. It means that our girl generation is also being addicted of this bad thing. Girls are often found enjoying the dance parties there, which is not good for our nation. Some sheesha cafes have bar girls, who are serving to their customers wearing shorts and attracting customers. Pakistan is an Islamic Country, so the Government should take notice that on which road our nation is going. It is the responsibility of our Politicians / leaders that to take the immediate action against these things. The Govt should conduct raids on sheesha cafes, which are still serving to their regular customers.


Enjoyment is not a bad thing for health, but like this enjoyment can harm the lives. Tobacco is a natural thing, which is harmful for health. On the other hand chemicals are used in sheesha instead of tobacco, which is more than harm for health then tobacco. Govt has banned the sheesha cafes, so it is a very good step for nation at large, but fortunately if it is checked out on regular basis. The sheesha cafes should paste a plate on their walls that smoking is not allowed.



As smoking is banned on public places; but nobody is obeying the order. It is a request to our Government that a strict notice should be taken regarding this matter, and on initial basis the smoking should be restricted in Government offices then in other places. As cigarettes sale is prohibited to the person under eighteen, no shopkeeper is taking the interest in knowing the age of buyer. It is also requested to our Government to please serve a notice to shopkeepers to only sale the cigarettes keeping in view the age of buyer. Sales of cigarettes to the person under eighteen should be strictly prohibited in Pakistan. Where our public is raising different issues, this issue should also be taken in notice, and a new campaign should be started with the name of WAR ON TABACCO.


dance in sheesha cafe bar

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  1. Government has taken a strict notice against the Shisha Cafes in Pakistan, and DCO Lahore Aminullah Mangel has closed almost all the cafes in Lahore who were serving the Sheesha to the customers.

  2. Amin Mengal the DCO lahore has shuttdown all the sheesha cafes in Lahore.

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