Shatrughan Sinha meets Nawaz Sharif in Lahore

Famous Indian actor, Shatrughan Sinha met Nawaz Sharif (Chief of Pakistan Muslim League PML-N) in Lahore. Shatrughan Sinha is on Pakistan tour and meeting the political celebrities of Pakistan. Few days ago he also joined a press conference with PPP Minister Rehman Malik, in which he presented his views upon the different Pak-India policies.

Basically Shatrughan has came Pakistan just to attend the marriage ceremony of the grandson of former Pakistani President General Zia-ul-Haq. Therefore he is spending his days in Pakistan and meeting the different political personalities to make the Pakistan India ties more stronger than ever.


Shatrughan Sinha is a BJP leader as well as a veteran actor of the Bollywood. He has come in Pakistan with a message of peace to make the relationships between Pakistan and India more stronger. He has recently gone through a bypass surgery and suffering from some health problems.

It seems that the Indian actor Shatrughan Sinha has some strong ties with General Zia-ul-Haq family, as the daughter of Zia-ul-Haq, Zen Zia has invited him to attend the wedding ceremony of her son. Osman ul Haq, the son of Ijaz-ul-Haq was going to marry on last Sunday. Several political figures were there to attend the marriage ceremony of Osman ul Haq, as he is a son of former Pakistani Minister.

Whereas the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) is concerned, it always welcomes the guests from the neighbor country. This time, Mian Nawaz Sharif also welcomed the veteran Bollywood actor. Shatrughan Sinha was very pleasant to meet Nawaz Sharif in Lahore.

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  1. The famous and legendary celebrity of India has come to Pakistan to make some more good relations with the neighbor country. Pakistani government has welcomed Shatrughan and he is just here to attend to marriage ceremony of Zia ul Haq’s grand son.

  2. Shatrughan Sinha has also joined politics and making some good relations with Pakistani politicians.

  3. It seems that Shatrugan is going to make some strong ties with Pakistan. Indo Pak relations will be more better in near future according to the actor.

  4. They are making their relations strong with neighboring countries.

  5. Pakistan and India can’t be friends.

  6. It was not a political meeting at all.

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